Stanwell Tops ~ Part 1

Hubby and I took a drive down the coast some time last year to the beautiful town of Stanwell Tops. We had lunch at Stanwell Beach and then went for a wee look around 🙂

Do have a look at my husband’s stunning photographs too! 🙂

Lawrance Hargrave Drive in the distance.
The stunning coastline.
Wee waves.
Willy Wagtail…he was an elusive wee fellow 😉
Spot the two bees...
Spot the two bees…
Gone fishing ;-)
Gone fishing 😉
Got him!
Got him! He also didn’t want to stand still!
Where’s the surfer?


Until next time! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Stanwell Tops ~ Part 1

  1. Such a beautiful coastline and the road on the 1st pic is really impressive.
    As an angler myself I liked the “gone fishing” image but was surprised to see someone in the water too!

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