Cumberland Hospital Garden ~ Part 2

We were so overwhelmed with the beauty of the grounds of this hospital that we took a great deal of photos, enough to use for two weeks…and more even. So here are some more colourful images of the Cumberland Hospital Garden.

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Pretty in pink…
Jacarandas hanging.
Reaching up!
All in a row…
Pretty reds.
A working bee, flapping frantically.
Lovely cherry blossom.
A rustic perspective…

This is the last blog update for a while, as Ray and are I off on a seven and a half week holiday! 🙂 The next blog will be on the 19th of November. I have created a third blog, on will I will randomly post photos of our travels:


Cumberland Hospital Garden

We spent a lovely afternoon on the magnificent grounds of Cumberland Hospital, which runs along part of Parramatta Park; where we are frequent visitors of late. The hospital opens it’s grounds to visitors for the full month of September when all the lovely flora is in full bloom. On weekends there are stalls, scones and tea is served and it’s a fun day out for all; during the week…all is quiet but the gates are open to the public, so we took advantage of that on Friday afternoon.

Now silly me, I forgot my camera…I know, I know; who goes on a photoshoot without their camera, right? Lucky I had my super-duper new Galaxy Note; it took amazing photographs! Here you are:

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A bright ball of orange!
Pink points…
A stunning cherry blossom amongst pretty yellow bloomers.
Over the bridge…
Looking up!
The grounds are just lovely…
…with colour all around.
Busy buzzy bees were everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Cumberland Hospital garden…see you next week! 🙂

Parramatta Park in the Afternoon

We took a drive to Parramatta Park last week; a place that is always beautiful to me. We came across a huge colony of grey-headed flying foxes; apparently they have started coming there for a few years; setting up camp between September and April; the mating season. It was an interesting sight, all those flying foxes hanging from the trees; there must have been at least 500 of them! 

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Beautiful afternoon reflection.
New growth.
A quiet moment…
Just hanging around.
The bridge.
The sun casting it’s rays on this magnificent jacaranda.

Twisty branches.
Yet another jacaranda…a different angle.


See you next week! 🙂