Belgenny Farm in Camden Park Estate

Following our little exploration of Camden and her historic buildings, we drove a little further to Belgenny Farm.  John and Elizabeth Macarthur established convict-built Belgenny Farm on part of the original 5000 acres granted to the family by Lord Camden in 1805.

Ranked among Australia’s great agricultural pioneers, the Macarthurs established Merino wool production, wheat growing, dairying, horticulture and grape growing. These enterprises became a model for Australia’s proud agricultural traditions.

Please pop over to my partner Ray’s site too:

Red hot poker.
The leftovers of an old wagon…
The Carpenter’s Shed.
The sunlit fence…
An old tractor…
Does this bell still toll?
A liquid amber looking stunning in the setting sun.
Belgenny Cottage; where Devonshire Teas are now served.
The dovecote.
A stunning sunset painted the sky a magnificent colour…

Thank you for dropping by; I hope to see you again next week 😉


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