Black & White

Unable to go on a photoshoot this week due to Ray’s recent foot pain; I dug into the ‘archives’ and found some nice scenes to manipulate into black & whites. These photos were all taken while we were enjoying a weekend getaway for our first anniversary in August last year 🙂 I hope you like this little collection…

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Single beauty.
On the patio.
The birdhouse.
Arum lily.
Dewy lillies.
Letterboxes galore!

I hope to see you again next week! 🙂



We found ourselves at Yarramundi Reserve this week. Yarramundi is 69km west of the Sydney CBD and only around 30 minutes drive from our home. It was a windy and chilly Winter’s day, but we braved the cold and took a walk along part of the Nepean River…this is some of what we saw.

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A bit of green in the river
This tree caught my eye; the way it stood proud up on the hill.
Through the cracks…
The path we took…
A wee boardwalk, this was once flooded not so long ago.
Such a pity about the graffiti 😦
The bridge over the river.
Rushing water; such a lovely sound…


Bella Vista Farm

This week we ended up at a homestead once owned by John and Elizabeth Macarthur; pioneers of Merino farming in the early 1800’s. The farm itself was actually closed for viewing, but that didn’t stop us and our cameras 😉 There was also a park next to the farm where we enjoyed a picnic after the photoshoot. Enjoy what I managed to capture around the farm…

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Setting the scene…
The packing and wool shed.
The implement shed.
For my friend, Sharon 🙂
I thought this was rather pretty…
The homestead.
An old Moreton Bay fig tree.
A little lamb, looking rather coy I thought.
Mum with two of her brood.
The cowshed.

Kokoda Memorial Track – Concord West

This week we took a short drive to Concord West, parked the car near Major’s Bay Reserve and took a walk along part of the Kakoda Memorial Track. The track runs between Brays Point Reserve (where we have walked part of the track previously, on another photoshoot) and Major’s Bay Reserve.  We meandered along the track and found ourselves in front of the dairy and stables and continued towards Yaralla Mansion;  the home of Eadith Walker and her father Thomas, in the 1860’s. The estate is now home to the Dame Eadith Walker Hospital. Eadith Walker was a philanthropist and did a great deal for the community:

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On a slightly overcast morning, this little group of leaves stood out…
The dairy and stables…part of the Yaralla estate.
Some aloes on the grounds of the Yaralla Estate.
Close up…
Part of the track.
Moss on the rocks 😉
A pretty little thing…
…even semi-closed.
A rose bud in the gardens of Eadith Walker Estate.
And a rose past it’s use by date…still dazzling 🙂

I hope to see you again next week!  🙂

Belgenny Farm in Camden Park Estate

Following our little exploration of Camden and her historic buildings, we drove a little further to Belgenny Farm.  John and Elizabeth Macarthur established convict-built Belgenny Farm on part of the original 5000 acres granted to the family by Lord Camden in 1805.

Ranked among Australia’s great agricultural pioneers, the Macarthurs established Merino wool production, wheat growing, dairying, horticulture and grape growing. These enterprises became a model for Australia’s proud agricultural traditions.

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Red hot poker.
The leftovers of an old wagon…
The Carpenter’s Shed.
The sunlit fence…
An old tractor…
Does this bell still toll?
A liquid amber looking stunning in the setting sun.
Belgenny Cottage; where Devonshire Teas are now served.
The dovecote.
A stunning sunset painted the sky a magnificent colour…

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