Today we travelled to historic Camden in the Macarthur region , south west of Sydney. A mere hour’s drive from home and we were in photographic heaven! We walked the streets of the town centre among some of the beautiful old buildings and I got some flora in there too…

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A row of London planes along the road that led us into Camden…
The entrance of an old bank, now the National Australia Bank.
Camden’s Council building.
The Court House.
A camellia bud.
Still beautiful…
A glimpse of the church interior through the bushes.
The façade of a school building.
Edithville was the first community hospital in 1899.
Red berries…

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. Camden is such a lovely place…


Mirambeena Regional Park

This week we’re coming from Lansdowne where we took a stroll in the serene park that was just full of green and beautiful trees… We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon there and are sure to return!

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Shadow tree.
In the middle of the path I lie… 😉
A stunning black swan.
Trees everywhere!
A bit of Autumn still remains…
Kookaburra silhouette.
Along the creek…
A spot of sun on a tree trunk.
Pole reflection in the creek.
The setting sun let’s us know it’s time to head off.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog; see you next week! 

A walk around Bondi Junction

This week we had to attend to some business in Bondi Junction and decided to combine it with pleasure afterwards… 

We took a walk through the streets of Bondi Junction after indulging in a latté at The Coffee Club in Westfield…and what a shopping centre THAT is! It may even feature in a future blog …

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As we were enjoying a latté, I looked up and sneakily took this shot… Shopping centre security don’t take well to folks with cameras it seems 😉
A funky and atmospheric little café where we enjoyed some lunch on the way back from our walk.
Lots of colourful wheely bins!
Spot the real life model! 😉
An elevated covered walkway taking you into Westfield…
Green and white…
Reflections and structures.
“Thank you for shopping at Westfield…please come again with more money”
The building in the glass.

A night on the town!

Following a lovely, sunny afternoon sailing on Sydney Harbour, we found ourselves with some time on our hands before meeting up with a group of expat South Africans at a quaint little place called Grandma’s Bar. And what better way to spend it than with the camera 🙂

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The patio heaters were being lit as it was getting cooler.
Somewhere hidden, away from the crowd, someone enjoys a coffee…
I spied this as we passed a shop on our wonder through the city streets and alleys…
The Harbour Rocks Hotel proved a nice façade…
Looking into the lobby of this very colourful building on Harrington Street.
A row of motorbikes…
Dancing ghosts?
The lights from the hustle and bustle of the city’s street reflect off this revolving door, complemented by it’s ceiling LED lights.
To walk or not to walk?
A very inviting shop front…

Come again next time! I’m here every week 😉