All aboard the Southern Swan!

This weekend we spoiled ourselves to two lovely hours sailing around Sydney Harbour… We were aboard a replica tall ship and enjoyed a BBQ lunch and, what seemed like, endless glasses of shiraz, as a lovely breeze sailed us along the waters of the harbour. The ship in question was the Southern Swan, originally from Denmark and is 90 years old. The pictures below are of this beautiful ship.

While you are here, why don’t you pop on over to my partner Ray’s website:

The Southern Swan coming towards the floating pontoon where we all eagerly wait.
Looking up the foremast.
The bowsprit.
A visitor sitting on the cathead.
The topsail being hoisted.
Foremast with the lower and upper topsails hoisted.
A pinrail with belaying pins.
Two portholes on either side of the door that leads us into the deckhouse.
Shadows being cast on the deckhouse and a cleat.
The transom displaying the ship name.

Thanks to my very knowledgeable partner Ray, for the nautical terminology 😉

I hope you enjoyed this week’s images, come back for more next week, won’t you?


More International Peace Park

We return here this weekend to explore a little more of the area, since the early sunset made it so that we ran out of light last week… We still seemed to spend a fair amount of time with the waterfowl; so calming…but managed to follow the track along the railway line a bit further this time…

Since you are here, why don’t you pop on over to my partner Ray’s website:

An ibis sits…
A little fluffy one…
Bullrushes along the water.
Cracks in the road…
London plane leaves and its seed.
Up close and personal…
“I’m coming!”
Resting on the embankment.
A tad of green…

See you next week! 🙂

International Peace Park

We had a very busy schedule this weekend so we stayed local and went to a park that runs along the railway line for a few kilometres between Seven Hills and Blacktown. We did not need to venture too far from the little pond on the Seven Hills side of the park, as we had a wonderful audience more than willing to pose for us 😉 

Do have a look at my partner Ray’s website at

“Umm, is this how you want me? Come on, snap already!”
An afternoon stroll along the water…
The sun, as it sets, shines on this little…
A little detail along the side of the pond.
If you look closely, this stunning white herron is in the process of catching a light snack 😉
Some colour in this thistle.
A little pied cormorant perched up high in the setting sun.
There goes the sun…

I hope you enjoyed this selection…who knows where I will take you next week? 😉

At home..

My apologies for the lack of weekly photos, but I am back! With a better, faster internet connection, my weekly photo blog is here again to (hopefully) continue to please your eye…

This week, I took a little walk around our lovely back garden and came up with this…

Do take a look at my partner Ray’s website: he has some stunning photographs!

Bruce protects our back garden… 😉
Kaz seems to think there is nothing wrong with our rather green pool water…soon to be cleaned via the real estate we hope!
One of our beautiful palms!
Old kitchenware on an old pot-belly stove top…
An old watering can detail.
Our little Mexican friend 😉
Sunlit web on rusty old teapot…
Lucky lapping up the sunshine…
Detail of one of a few little chimes we have around the patio…
…and the bauble of another 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photos! See you next time 🙂