Unfortunately I have to pause this weekly blog for a while; just until we get a better internet connection. We have just moved house and (it seems) have unknowingly settled in a deep hole where the tower can’t find us… 😦 So give it a few weeks and ADSL should be set up and I hope to be pleasing your eyes again soon 🙂

Stay tuned! 🙂



Being in the middle of moving house makes it a tad difficult to venture out and leisurely take photos, so I got together a bit of  collection of various reflection images. They are from all over Sydney and one or two from Melbourne when I went to visit my lovely one 😉

I hope you enjoy them and while you are here, why don’t you have a look at my partner Ray’s website:

Quack quack... At Nurragingy Reserve
Lines...a city building.
That's us!! Along the wharf in Melbourne.
The lovely Japanese Garden at Gosford.
Darling Harbour.
There are trees in there! At Gerringong...
Along the Yarra River in Melbourne.
Parramatta River.
Centrepoint Tower!
A sunny afternoon at Parramatta Park...

I would love to know what your favourite image is, if you have one 🙂

See you next week!

Jellybean Pool

Jellybean Pool is in Glenbrook, the first little town as you are coming into the Blue Mountains from the city of Sydney. It is actually Glenbrook Creek and is named, rather aptly, after the shape of a jellybean. It is a favourite spot for just relaxing by the river on a hot summer’s day or in our case, for photography…

Do stop by my partner Ray’s website and look at his beautiful images:

The steps through beauty.
The top of a banksia in bloom.
Almost fluorescent-like moss.
These pop up along our little 'bush adventures', not sure what they are though...
A tree that caught my eye, once at the pool.
One of the many 'hollowed out' rocks...
Seeds? Berries?
Rushing water...
The other side of the creek; where it was peaceful and serene...
I 'love' it here...

We’ll be back here! But not just to take photos!!

See you next week 🙂