Fagan Park… Oh how we love it there!

Fagan Park is situated in a lovely little village called Galston. We have been here on another occasion and enjoyed it thoroughly. On Saturday we were here for a family picnic to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday. After lunch we trekked around the beautiful park and I came up with these goodies. Enjoy!

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Unopened proteas....
A moment...
Lovely lillies.
Framed green.
All in a row...
A teeny weeny apple.
I shall pose here for you 😉
Water lilly, sitting pretty...
Lovely blue and luscious green.

See you next week! 🙂


Auburn – A stroll around the Botanical Gardens

We have visited this place before, but only went into the Japanese Garden on that day. This week we meandered along the Duck River, on the grounds of the Peacock Gallery and Arts Studio and through the Auburn Aviary. It was quite an unexpected treat for the eye and other senses. Quite lovely indeed…

Do have a look at my partner Ray’s site: http://www.rayscam.com/

Some bright colour.
A wee bit of sunlight.
Preening time!
Some pretty little white flowers...
About to pop!
This looked inviting on a rather warm day 🙂
The love birds organising the nest...sweet 🙂
A colourful fellow...
Peering through the gates of the actual Botanic Gardens...

 Until next week! 🙂

Rouse Hill Regional Park

We found yet another hidden gem! This time we head to Rouse Hill Regional Park, where we let a path takes us to beauty and beyond…

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The barn on the hill.
Gorgeous tall trees here!
The path to the unknown...
Unopened beauty.
A little creek...
The barn from a different angle.
Beautiful blue sky!


Did you have a favourite? Let me know, I’m interested.

See you again next week! 🙂

Elizabeth Farm – Part 2

More from the homestead and garden of Elizabeth Farm at Parramatta.

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The front verandah taken from the "drawing room closet"
Elizabeth's favourite room for writing letters; the "drawing room closet".
The side verandah; with a rather green infusion it seems...
Elizabeth's bed...
...and her dressing table.
A touch of green in between...
A quill pen...hard to master!
Holy cactus!
The morning laundry scene.

 Got a favourite? Let me know; I’m interested!

See you next week 🙂