Elizabeth Farm

This week we ventured out to Parramatta to take a tour through the lovely old homestead and  beautifully lush garden of Elizabeth Farm.

Elizabeth Farm is one of Australia’s oldest surviving homesteads where you can wander freely through the old house and garden as if you were its original occupants. There are no barriers, locked doors, fragile furniture or untouchable ornaments in this unique, ‘access all areas’ house museum.

Built in 1793 for John Macarthur, known as the father of the wool industry, and his wife Elizabeth, tales of migration and new starts, passion and anguish, early colonial political skulduggery and the genesis of Australia’s wool trade are cemented into these walls.

For a little more history about the place and the family, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Farm

An aerial view...not taken by me by the way 😉

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The front of the house at an angle.
Items for the kitchen...
The work bench in the kitchen; this particular room had a real charm to it.
The sunlit guava tree in the garden.
The flowers were stunning!
A shot from the other side; on the left is the "drawing room closet", Elizabeth's favourite room.
A pretty bonnet...
In the living quarters...
The piano...
John Macarthur's writing desk.

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Galston Gorge

We headed to this beautiful place after Ray finished work on Sunday. It is a quiet, peaceful spot, perfect for meandering along (and off) the trail for taking photographs.

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We couldn't quite believe what we found when we arrived!
Lovely tall trees here.
Flowing water...
The sunlight shining in as we were in the midst of the trees.
Love this thistle!
Going up?
Looking up...
Some pretty yellow 🙂
The path leading us back...
Sunlit green...


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See you next week!

Roxborough Park Rose Garden – Part 2

Some more images from this lovely rose garden. There was simply too much beauty to pack into just one week, so enjoy these…

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Pastel pink...
A row of purple.
A busy bee, feasting...
A cedar tree.
About to bloom.
At the end...
Just peachy!
Still beautiful...
Twice as nice!

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Roxborough Park Rose Garden – Part 1

This week  we were on our way to a reserve. The weather wasn’t too good however and since the area was rather enclosed, photos would not have turned out too well. We came across this rose garden quite by accident and the beauty we saw, you can now see…enjoy!

Do have a look at my partner’s site: http://www.rayscam.com

Roses everywhere!
A seat with a wonderful view of all that colour...
Lovely lilac...
A lost petal...
The beginning...
Simply stunning 🙂
Ruby red...


See you next week!

Burragorang State Recreation Area

Hello and welcome to my weekly blog. I have been blogging my weekly trips in photo format on blogspot.com (http://ellesphotographicadventures.blogspot.com/) for a bit over a year now and have decided to bring it to wordpress.com, so here I am. Every week, my partner and I go out and about somewhere, given the weather is agreeable and take photos of the area and surroundings we visit. Please visit my partner, Ray’s site http://www.rayscam.com/ for some stunning photography.

This week we took a lovely drive to Burragorang Valley, which is a locality in the Macarthur region, south west in NSW. It was recommended by a colleague of mine and I am very glad we went. The drive itself was just beautiful and the place was picture perfect and peaceful… The following photos are a combination of the recreation area and the drive back home, enjoy…

The view as we saw it from the look-out.
Branched silhouette...
It fell from above.
Trees everywhere!
Spotted this stunning tree while we were enjoying some lunch.
We saw this lovely facade on the way there and decided to stop on the way home.
Another stop on the way home gave us these dead trees lined up.
Some lovely bright colour...
A gorgeous little old cubby house.
Old fence post.